Eleonor Estragon

A surreal TTRPG of agriculture, giant worms, and buckets.
A game of investigation and cosmic horror, inspired by The Magnus Archives.
An unplayable indie game of fish and knives.
A way to spice up the classic game Monopoly, for LARPers
You've been stuck atop a Christmas tree. Get free. Get revenge.
A prophetic TTRPG for two players
A story-generating game of pretentious festival curators and bitter critics.
A LARP-y TTRPG of monks singing to keep their master asleep...
A Game Of Ineffable Determinism For 2-4 Players And A Facilitator-Prophet.
Role Playing
How long can your royal line hold on for?
An accessible alternative to wooden block towers for games like Dread, Wretched & Alone, and more.
An OSR game about desperate, doomed adventurers.
A solo larp for a single journey, of running from Them to There.
Two dungeon-making games of exploration and shelter-building
A TTRPG of bonkers alchemists for up to 5 players
You are a dragon, slumbering and brooding atop your hoard.
A TTRPG about people whose powers are slowly consuming them.
A solo journalling TTRPG of strange doubles
A game of creating a city, doomed to fall.
A sung TTRPG for creating epic tales.
A TTRPG for those who see the world's end coming.
A playtest in music and ritual
Four micro-games about the characters we create.
A TTRPG of Shakespearean tragedy and drama.